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Next Gathering

Hi again , theres gonna be another gathering just for Abby , she's the one organising this time.

Information's :

Location : Sunway lagoon / The Gardens karaoke box ( pls vote at the poll )

Date : 28th August

Motif : Farewell for Abby , and help u guys to escape from home ( just kidding ) C:

Attire : casual

* If this H1N1 virus gets serious , we might cancel this gathering or change location and also the date .
* Please tell those who are in the same school as you to come and see this blog or note them about this gathering .
* Stay tuned for further information's .
* leave a few words before you leave !!
* Answers to be replied best before 24th of August .
* Bring your camera if u can / if you want to .

lots of love ,

Dinner N Gathering

Hello there people...
Nice to hear fro me again rite? Hehehe...
Just to remind you guys that I am organising dinner n cum gathering this NOVEMBER.
Please dun hesitate to ask me if anything.
Hope you guys will be able to come n gather for the sake of reunion after CKS.
The gathering is for year 2006/7/8/9.
Please do email me at with details such as:
Name, Class/Year , contact number for those who are interested.
Tickets are on sale in September onwards.
Price will be notified again.
Obviously not beyond Rm100.
No worries as will try to get better deals n all!!!
Cheerios n have a great life!

"good things dun come easy"
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