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Next Gathering.

Next gathering is here. This is what Ryan proposed a few weeks ago.

Day: 5 Dec, Sunday
Time: We'll decide it later.
Venue: Cheras Selatan shopping mall and Ryan's house.
Activities: do whatever we are going to do in Cheras Selatan and then BBQ in Ryan's house.

p.s: Transport is provided. Meet at Kajang Komuter Station and Ryan will fetch you. If you have your own transport is the best. Please inform us as soon as possible. And, do tell us if you are going.

Thankyou. :D


Hello again.
So, Ryan proposed another idea for the next gathering .
the idea is to go to cheras selatan to watch movies,sing ktv etc and then go to his house for bbq.

so, tell me if you like the idea or not , if you do , please vote on others , thanks .
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