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Sorry guys that the gathering/outing is canceled , and for the coming one , i dont think that it would be a success since we need to complement everyone which is definitely a hard job . So , there's high possibilities that the next gathering/outing will be after PMR , next year . So sorry if we made you guys excited for nothing , and sorry about things we did which did not satisfy you . Sorry .

The BLUE Logo

The BLUE Logo

NOTE: This logo is a trademark of 6Tulip 2007.

Gathering in December.

Confirmed Date : 15 December 2009
Venue : Midvalley
Time : 11.00am - 5.30pm
Activities : same as the previous one , watch movie (风云 2) , food court , bowling , karaoke .the only differences is that this time we focus more on talking , not crap

To all classmates of 6Tulip'07,

Please spread this news to our classmates to come for this gathering. And please tell us in the cbox if you are going.If you have other suggestion , tell us in the cbox .Please reply as soon as possible .
TQ for all your co-operation. ;)

wenshi & yaeber

People who confirmed :

  1. yaeber
  2. wenshi
  3. Sheng Yee
  4. Ryan
  5. Jan Cee
  6. Boon Aik
  7. Hui Lee
  8. Darren
  9. Weitat
  10. Jia Haw
  11. Davy

♥ yaeber

The Video

Guess what i found on youtube ? This video on us .
Youtube disabled the sound cause of some copyright infringement .

Courtesy of Lim Davy and Mr Anis .



I hope that no one will forget our class, 6Tulip 2007...
Never forget the Powerful Blue Tulips!!! haha kinda random...
anyways, to make ourselves memorable, I thought of an idea...
An idea which includes Art working, not really but sort of.

1 Design a logo for 6Tulip
2 Compose a song or just instrumental music
3 Design a motto for 6T
4 make our class photo memorable (please read the note below)

Note to all TULIP buddies: I'd slightly enlarged (which I really tried very hard :) ) our photo so that you guys can save it to your computer.. and edit or decorate it with any illustrating software (like: Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, or the most basic one: Paint) And hey! This is a part of our Project Tulip... hope you guys can co-operate. =)


I re-sized our 6T photo...for those who doesn't have one...

another project on Facebook

Hey guys!

I recently created a group for 6Tulip 2007 on Facebook. I’ve sent invitations to the 6Ts that are using fb.

This is almost the same as our 6T blog, we can share our photos, discussions and many other stuffs… so… I hope that you guys like my idea! :D

Search for 6Tulip 2007 of CKS on fb and join NOW!



CKS wont be having Family Day this year , but they are having Jogathon on the
14 of November.

Venue :Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.
Time : 7 or 8 a.m ( i think, Its always early !)

Anyone going ?

Next gathering

Welcome back (:
Its October , i'm sure there's exam's coming or going on , so work hard .
For the next gathering , its confirmed to be during the holidays ,
Place , Date , u decide .Just comment on the chatbox .Or vote on the poll .

And we need bloggers here , to be an author of this blog , if u want to be an author , pls leave ur email add that u use for ur blog on the chatbox , thanks (;


If anyone of you have gifts to give Abby ,
You can mail it to this add :-
78 , jalan 19/155B, Taman Esplanad , Bukit Jalil , 57000 Kuala Lumpur .

*Please send it before 10 September 2009

Gathering 28-8-09

Hey peeps !!
Today-one word , AWESOME !!
Here are some of the pics , most of the pics taken in the karaoke box were blur .
Just enjoy .

During Lunch

Today was way better than the previous one .
We really had fun !!
By the way , it was Abby's farewell , she's going to Hong Kong on the 12 of September.
If can , try to go to the Airport , at least see her before she leave
I'll end here :)

the next gathering might be on family day ,
then after that , we can go to someones house .

idea by wenshi

Next Gathering

Hi again , theres gonna be another gathering just for Abby , she's the one organising this time.

Information's :

Location : Sunway lagoon / The Gardens karaoke box ( pls vote at the poll )

Date : 28th August

Motif : Farewell for Abby , and help u guys to escape from home ( just kidding ) C:

Attire : casual

* If this H1N1 virus gets serious , we might cancel this gathering or change location and also the date .
* Please tell those who are in the same school as you to come and see this blog or note them about this gathering .
* Stay tuned for further information's .
* leave a few words before you leave !!
* Answers to be replied best before 24th of August .
* Bring your camera if u can / if you want to .

lots of love ,

Dinner N Gathering

Hello there people...
Nice to hear fro me again rite? Hehehe...
Just to remind you guys that I am organising dinner n cum gathering this NOVEMBER.
Please dun hesitate to ask me if anything.
Hope you guys will be able to come n gather for the sake of reunion after CKS.
The gathering is for year 2006/7/8/9.
Please do email me at with details such as:
Name, Class/Year , contact number for those who are interested.
Tickets are on sale in September onwards.
Price will be notified again.
Obviously not beyond Rm100.
No worries as will try to get better deals n all!!!
Cheerios n have a great life!

"good things dun come easy"

Sports Day

Hi again , its been a long time since the last post .
I hope u guys still rmb !
I hope our next gathering works , you remember to take care , H1n1 is spreading faster than before

1 thing , tomorrow is cks sports day ,
Maybe u all got school replacement .. but mine dont have .!!
Its at the field next to our school , the indian school
Time , like usual .

The Gathering

The gathering was awesome .. But not that good but at least we met each other .. haha !!

Guys , I'm sorry that the ticket booking failed .. and that all of u have to watch Monsters vs Aliens ..I'm terribly sorry .

Some went home early .. And some went their separate ways during the day . I hope it wont be like this the next time .

But next time .. I've decided to go to The Gardens for our next gathering .. but No movie there as its quite expensive , that place is big enough ... at least , haha !!!!

I really hope everyone had a nice gathering !! Have you enjoyed yourself that day ?

Wei Tat showing his muscles ... |||swt .. ( means sweat )

Dont !!!!!

What chu trying to say ??

Haha !!!

And lastly a group photo ... with only this amount of ppl .. aint it disappointing ?

Thanks Mr.Anis for attending !!! WE ALL LOVE YOU A LOT !!


Time changed from 11.45-5.00 to 10.55-5.00
Best is straight away go to gsc counter when u reach midvalley .

tell your parents ,
and can i know who is waiting at bandaraya ?


Ok ok btw, why I'm sighing cos now I found the time to contribute on OUR blog.
Maybe I'm a bit naggy lah.
But at least I am trying.
Been trying to sign in and that sort but failed.
So finally when I came back home from a late lunch, I decided to call Yae-Ber.
Not her fault or anything.
Maybe I'm a dummy or idiot on these things.

Hello to all my fellow class ^6TULIP2007^!
I am happy to know that some took initiative to create and started a blog to share our moments,
sorrows, gladness, cheerie, joyous, overwhelming and many many.

A recent blog posted on wishing me Teacher's Day and also to Mdm Ho.
A very big thank you to all who did it effortless!
Honestly, it's always good to know if you guys are doing well and better.
If not, please don't hesitate to call or chat with me.
Always there for you.

Oh yeah..heard that Abby is leaving Msia?
When is the gathering?
Or shall I say farewell?
It's for the good she's leaving?
Wish her all the best in everything with her future and current endeavours!
Astala vista! Au Revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! Adios!
Take care!

To the rest,'s holiday and be merry!
Cheerios and hear from me again soon!
I hope!!!

^^Mr A^^


Due to some changes made ,
I'll retype the full info of the gathering .

Day : Saturday

Date : 6.6.2009

Starting time : 11.00a.m-5.00 p.m

Place : Midvalley Megamall

Place to Meet : 1. Gsc ticketing counter for (for thosewho are going themselves)

Activities : Movie , Eating +Chit Chatting , Bowling (if u want to )

Money to be brought : Bring at least RM50.

Person to confirm with : yae-ber 017-2078797 and wenshi 012-3215263 .

People Who Had Confirmed :

1. Wenshi
2. Jancee
3. Abby
4. Yae-Ber
5. Janice
6. Hui Lee
7. Eliza
8. Sheng Yee
9. Ryan Yew
10. Zhan Hui
11. Chong Li
12. Boon Aik
13. Kim Min
14. Jia Haw
15. Ho Jun
16. Anselm

This is all i know .

-See You There-


TO BOTH Mdm Ho and Mr Anis !!! our class teachers !!

So Long So Good .

Good Health To Both Of You

Happy Teachers Day !!!


Dear tulip's ,

the H1N1 virus is in Malaysia alr ..

if this virus gets very serious , i'll postpone/ cancel the gathering .

I'm sure Many of your parents wouldnt want you to go out often when this virus is spreading


Movie's on Poll

Alright , These are the posters of the movies that is currently on the poll.

1.Night At The Museum 2

2.Monsters Vs. Aliens

3. 17 Again

4.Terminator Salvation


to all 6tulip's 2007,
there's a gathering on 6.6.2009 (saturday)(its a public holiday )at Midvalley (wait here -south court )

to those who dont have transport , pls wait at the 'Bandaraya' Lrt station (near SOGO)
at 10.35 latest by 10.45 ( dont be late )

bring enough money for -movie , transport , food (including drinks )and others

*those who can go pls confirm with :

-Wen Shi - 0123215263
-Yae-ber- 0172078797
-or text on the cbox(chat box)

*tell who you are before text*


oh yea !!! WE ROCKS !!!
and blue is our colour !!
we are the bad ones but it doesnt mean

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