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I hope that no one will forget our class, 6Tulip 2007...
Never forget the Powerful Blue Tulips!!! haha kinda random...
anyways, to make ourselves memorable, I thought of an idea...
An idea which includes Art working, not really but sort of.

1 Design a logo for 6Tulip
2 Compose a song or just instrumental music
3 Design a motto for 6T
4 make our class photo memorable (please read the note below)

Note to all TULIP buddies: I'd slightly enlarged (which I really tried very hard :) ) our photo so that you guys can save it to your computer.. and edit or decorate it with any illustrating software (like: Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, or the most basic one: Paint) And hey! This is a part of our Project Tulip... hope you guys can co-operate. =)


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