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Sports Day

Hi again , its been a long time since the last post .
I hope u guys still rmb !
I hope our next gathering works , you remember to take care , H1n1 is spreading faster than before

1 thing , tomorrow is cks sports day ,
Maybe u all got school replacement .. but mine dont have .!!
Its at the field next to our school , the indian school
Time , like usual .

The Gathering

The gathering was awesome .. But not that good but at least we met each other .. haha !!

Guys , I'm sorry that the ticket booking failed .. and that all of u have to watch Monsters vs Aliens ..I'm terribly sorry .

Some went home early .. And some went their separate ways during the day . I hope it wont be like this the next time .

But next time .. I've decided to go to The Gardens for our next gathering .. but No movie there as its quite expensive , that place is big enough ... at least , haha !!!!

I really hope everyone had a nice gathering !! Have you enjoyed yourself that day ?

Wei Tat showing his muscles ... |||swt .. ( means sweat )

Dont !!!!!

What chu trying to say ??

Haha !!!

And lastly a group photo ... with only this amount of ppl .. aint it disappointing ?

Thanks Mr.Anis for attending !!! WE ALL LOVE YOU A LOT !!


Time changed from 11.45-5.00 to 10.55-5.00
Best is straight away go to gsc counter when u reach midvalley .

tell your parents ,
and can i know who is waiting at bandaraya ?
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