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Ok ok btw, why I'm sighing cos now I found the time to contribute on OUR blog.
Maybe I'm a bit naggy lah.
But at least I am trying.
Been trying to sign in and that sort but failed.
So finally when I came back home from a late lunch, I decided to call Yae-Ber.
Not her fault or anything.
Maybe I'm a dummy or idiot on these things.

Hello to all my fellow class ^6TULIP2007^!
I am happy to know that some took initiative to create and started a blog to share our moments,
sorrows, gladness, cheerie, joyous, overwhelming and many many.

A recent blog posted on wishing me Teacher's Day and also to Mdm Ho.
A very big thank you to all who did it effortless!
Honestly, it's always good to know if you guys are doing well and better.
If not, please don't hesitate to call or chat with me.
Always there for you.

Oh yeah..heard that Abby is leaving Msia?
When is the gathering?
Or shall I say farewell?
It's for the good she's leaving?
Wish her all the best in everything with her future and current endeavours!
Astala vista! Au Revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! Adios!
Take care!

To the rest,'s holiday and be merry!
Cheerios and hear from me again soon!
I hope!!!

^^Mr A^^


Due to some changes made ,
I'll retype the full info of the gathering .

Day : Saturday

Date : 6.6.2009

Starting time : 11.00a.m-5.00 p.m

Place : Midvalley Megamall

Place to Meet : 1. Gsc ticketing counter for (for thosewho are going themselves)

Activities : Movie , Eating +Chit Chatting , Bowling (if u want to )

Money to be brought : Bring at least RM50.

Person to confirm with : yae-ber 017-2078797 and wenshi 012-3215263 .

People Who Had Confirmed :

1. Wenshi
2. Jancee
3. Abby
4. Yae-Ber
5. Janice
6. Hui Lee
7. Eliza
8. Sheng Yee
9. Ryan Yew
10. Zhan Hui
11. Chong Li
12. Boon Aik
13. Kim Min
14. Jia Haw
15. Ho Jun
16. Anselm

This is all i know .

-See You There-


TO BOTH Mdm Ho and Mr Anis !!! our class teachers !!

So Long So Good .

Good Health To Both Of You

Happy Teachers Day !!!


Dear tulip's ,

the H1N1 virus is in Malaysia alr ..

if this virus gets very serious , i'll postpone/ cancel the gathering .

I'm sure Many of your parents wouldnt want you to go out often when this virus is spreading


Movie's on Poll

Alright , These are the posters of the movies that is currently on the poll.

1.Night At The Museum 2

2.Monsters Vs. Aliens

3. 17 Again

4.Terminator Salvation


to all 6tulip's 2007,
there's a gathering on 6.6.2009 (saturday)(its a public holiday )at Midvalley (wait here -south court )

to those who dont have transport , pls wait at the 'Bandaraya' Lrt station (near SOGO)
at 10.35 latest by 10.45 ( dont be late )

bring enough money for -movie , transport , food (including drinks )and others

*those who can go pls confirm with :

-Wen Shi - 0123215263
-Yae-ber- 0172078797
-or text on the cbox(chat box)

*tell who you are before text*


oh yea !!! WE ROCKS !!!
and blue is our colour !!
we are the bad ones but it doesnt mean

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