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Gathering in December.

Confirmed Date : 15 December 2009
Venue : Midvalley
Time : 11.00am - 5.30pm
Activities : same as the previous one , watch movie (风云 2) , food court , bowling , karaoke .the only differences is that this time we focus more on talking , not crap

To all classmates of 6Tulip'07,

Please spread this news to our classmates to come for this gathering. And please tell us in the cbox if you are going.If you have other suggestion , tell us in the cbox .Please reply as soon as possible .
TQ for all your co-operation. ;)

wenshi & yaeber

People who confirmed :

  1. yaeber
  2. wenshi
  3. Sheng Yee
  4. Ryan
  5. Jan Cee
  6. Boon Aik
  7. Hui Lee
  8. Darren
  9. Weitat
  10. Jia Haw
  11. Davy


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